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Whether she carried you for nine months or embodies the meaning of mom in your life; whether it’s to celebrate your best friend’s baby shower, or your very first grandchild, motherhood is a beautiful keepsake for every kind of mom. Celebrate the powerful love, inimitable strength, and indispensable humor it takes to be a mom with this intimate collection. Imaginative illustrations in watercolor, gouache, and ink paired with inspired quotations—some silly, some solemn, all true—serves as a standalone token of affection or the perfect finishing touch to a gift.

Hardcover 112pgs quotations/family & relationships/parenting/motherhood

Sarah cray is the creator of dandelion paper co. And "let's make art," an online community and art supply shop, with the goal of getting more people to paint and to live a more creative life. Find her on instagram: @sarahdandelioncray.

Motherhood- 55 Reflectios on What It Means To Be A Mother

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